Terms and Conditions Relating to the use of the Facility


1. The following activities are prohibited on the football ground:

– Chewing Gum,
– Violence,
– Smoking,
– Drinking Alcohol.

2. The appropriate gear and equipment is to be used when playing.

3. Any damages arising as a result of the use of improper gear, misconduct, or any damage caused to the property by anyone making use of the pitch, shall be attributed to those responsible for causing the damage.

4. SportsBooking.mt and the club shall not be held responsible for any injuries that may whilst using the facilities.

5. The booking shall only relate to the use of the sports facility and does not automatically entitle use any other facilities, including but not limited to, showers and changing rooms.

6. The sports facilities shall only be used for the duration booked, and any time played over the allotted time-slot may be charged pro rata.

7. Respect shall be shown to all staff or persons taking care of the booking and SportsBooking.mt reserves the right to reject any future bookings of those in violation of this term.


Terms and Conditions Relating to the Booking


1. Once a payment has been made, customers shall have up till 36 hours before the booking time to request an alteration or cancellation of the booking.

2. In order to request an alteration or cancellation either:

a. Send an email through the Contact Us Tab (https://sportsbooking.mt/contacts/) or (b) Send a WhatsApp message on the following number, +356 77109308.

3. In the case that a cancellation is requested, a voucher code for the value of the purchase shall be issued. In the case where a cash refund is requested and issued a 10% fee shall be charged.

4. No cancellations or alterations will be granted if a request is made within 36 hours of the booking, except for in exceptional circumstances, which will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

5. Any booking that is made through SportsBooking.mt is subject to movement or cancellation if the facility is urgently required by the club or any external sporting associations (Ex. MFA, YFA, MBA).

6. Any personal information provided when making a purchase through our site may be shared with the respective club/entity in order for the service purchased to be provided.