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Finz Aquatics is committed to the quality and efficacy of our swimming programs, focusing on small group sizes with a favorable coach-to-student ratio. This strategic approach ensures an ideal learning environment where each swimmer gets significant attention and fully utilizes their time in the water. Our foremost goals are to guarantee that our students enjoy their swimming experience and remain safe at all times. We are dedicated to creating superior, well-organized lesson plans that are customized for small groups to cater to each individual’s skill level. Our carefully crafted curriculum enables children and swimmers to make significant progress within the span of our 8-week program. Our adult swimming lessons are tailored to accommodate various skill levels, providing a customized and efficient learning experience. Our adult swimming lessons are structured to ensure steady progress and skill development, regardless of the individual’s starting point. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer, our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and improve your swimming abilities.

In addition to our commitment to providing excellent swimming instruction, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service and maintain open lines of communication.  Whether you have inquiries about the curriculum, scheduling, or any other concerns, our team is here to assist you. For discussions regarding your child’s progress, we kindly request that you contact Head Coach Nikki when collecting your children from the session or send an email to [email protected]. We are dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive environment for both swimmers and their families.


Nikki is a two-time Olympic Swimmer who competed at the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Games!

She started swimming at only 4 years old & now has 25 years of experience in this sport. Apart from the Olympics, Nikki has competed & medaled in major competitions like the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE). Throughout her 24-year journey through swimming, she was coached by various instructors including two coaches who had coached Olympians before her. This experience was a prolonged mentorship for Nikki that now fuels her career in this field. Her other distinctive coaches were Olympians themselves.
Apart from being a full-time swimmer, Nikki’s history includes being a Registered Nurse and Free-diving Instructor through which she provides Diving Trips abroad & performs Underwater Stunts for film productions.
For the little ones we have 3 types of category. Seahorses (3-5 age), Pufferfish (5-8 age) and Finz – Turtles (7-11 age).
Seahorses (3-5 age)
We highly recommend that swimmers turn up with their swimsuits on and prepared for their lesson. Parents are to wait outside or at the cafeteria further away from the pool and can watch all lessons from the spectator area. We promote the idea of going to ‘swim school’ in order for kids to adapt quickly. Please wait for us at the gate in order for your child to walk in with us to the pool as a group. We will bring all children back to the entrance after their lesson.
All children are to bring with them the following items: Pair of Goggles, Swim Suit, Flip Flops, and a Warm Bath Robe.
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Pufferfish (5-8 age)
We strongly advise swimmers to arrive dressed in their swimsuits and ready for their lesson. Parents should wait outside or in the cafeteria, which is located at a distance from the pool, and may observe all lessons from the designated spectator area. We encourage the concept of attending ‘swim school’ to facilitate quick adaptation for children. Kindly wait at the gate so your child can join us in walking to the pool as a group. After the lesson, we will escort all children back to the entrance. All children are to bring with them the following items: Pair of Goggles, Swim Suit, Flip Flops, and a Warm Bath Robe.
Finz – Turtles (7-11 age)

Required Equipment:

– Goggles and shorts fins

– Kick board and Swimming appropriate bathing costume

– Finz cap (to be paid in cash, 12e, on first lesson if not already owned)

– Warm bath robe or jacket & flip flops

Abilities & Goals for Turtles:
1. Learn basic drills for all four strokes.
2. Learn basic technique for freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke.
3. Learn to swim 25m of butterfly,
4. Learn correct underwaters & push-offs.
5. Introduction to all swimming turns.

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Beginner abilities:

– Performs correct flutter kicks for both freestyle & backstroke

– Can perform basic freestyle & backstroke drills

– Can swim freestyle with face in the water & can breathe to the side comfortably

– Swims a minimum of 50m freestyle or other stroke performing good technique.

Intermediate abilities:

– Performs correct kick for all four strokes

– Understands basic concept full stroke concept for at least 2 strokes

– Swims minimum 200m freestyle without stopping

– Swims a minimum of 100m for any other stroke without stopping

Advanced abilities:

– Performs advanced drills for all four strokes comfortably

– Can hold 1 min 45-sec intervals for 100m freestyle repetitively

– Can hold 2 min 15-sec intervals for 100m any other stroke repetitively

– Swims correctly executing tumble turns, underwater kicks and finishes for all strokes

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