Do you want to organize a birthday party for your child? Do not hesitate to contact them!. At Sportsbooking they are specialists in organizing a wonderful party for the little ones. They provide a fun series of football activities and take care of the entire organization of the party, from the venue to the materials. Below we will give detailed information of everything they offer and some images of previous parties we have been to.

Their service includes:

-Organisation and Booking of Venue

Communication with the club in order to meet all your needs

Medals for all children invited!

-Trophy for birthday boy/girl!

-A special present for the birthday boy/girl!

What else can we help you with:

-Cake and Sweets

-Customised Football Kits

-Professional Photography

Parents’ Food and Beverage Packages

They understand that every child is different, so they offer a wide range of options to customize your party to your child’s specific needs and preferences. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced player, they can provide a tailored experience that will be sure to make their birthday one to remember.


They have many different activities that always amuse the children and are very entertaining, activities with materials that they carry and explain in a way that all the children understand perfectly and can do without excluding anyone.



At the end of the activities, each guest is given a personalized medal and an individual photo is taken, then a photo is taken of everyone together so that they have a nice memory of this incredible experience.



Finally, at the end of the physical activities, they will have prepared a meal that they can enjoy with the family, they will also enjoy the personalized cake. This cake is personalized for a birthday boy who is a Real Madrid fan.



If you’re planning to contact them to host your next birthday party, Book Now!