In this article, we will talk about Finz Aquatics Club, all its advantages, and all the services it provides.

These are all types of lessons to learn to swim


Benefits of Mum and Baby Swimming Classes:
Water Confidence: Build your baby’s confidence in the water from a young age, setting the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and safety in aquatic environments.

Physical Development: Engage in activities that enhance your baby’s motor skills, coordination, and muscle strength while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Bonding: Strengthen the parent-child bond through shared experiences, laughter, and exploration in the water.

Sensory Stimulation: Our classes provide sensory-rich experiences that stimulate your baby’s senses and cognitive development.

Socialization: Encourage social interaction for both parents and babies, promoting social skills and emotional development.


At Sirens ASC, we believe that swimming is an essential life skill and a fantastic way for children to stay active and build confidence in the water. Our specialized swimming classes cater to children aged 3-5 years, focusing on a variety of key goals that are crucial for their aquatic development.

Prior to progressing to the next stage of our learn to swim programme, children are able to swim 5 meters on their tummies, confidently lifting their heads to breathe. Additionally, they demonstrate their improved skills by swimming 10 meters on their tummies and backs with the assistance of a kickboard.

The Goldfish Class offers a dynamic and comprehensive swimming program designed specifically for swimmers aged 5-8. Our classes are aimed at developing essential swimming skills while instilling a love for the water and fostering confidence in young swimmers. Our program introduces basic backstroke and breaststroke techniques, focusing on body positioning, arm movements, and kicking coordination. Swimmers will gain a solid foundation in these strokes, enabling them to swim with proper technique and efficiency.
Turtles Class is designed for experienced swimmers aged 8 and older who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Our comprehensive program focuses on refining technique, building endurance, and developing competitive swimming abilities. With a strong emphasis on skill mastery and personal growth, the Turtles Class provides a challenging and rewarding swimming experience. The Turtles Class introduces diving techniques to swimmers, teaching them proper body positioning, approach, and entry into the water. We emphasise safety and technique, empowering swimmers to execute dives confidently and efficiently.
Athletes are to attend wearing their swimsuit and warm bathrobe, wearing appropriate footwear (flip flops/slides). We will help our little swimmers remove their bathrobes and help them back in when we are ready from the session. Please note that bikinis are not permitted.

Dolphins Swimming Class: a program designed exclusively for swimmers who have achieved exceptional milestones in their swimming journey. Prior to joining this class, swimmers must showcase their proficiency by swimming 100 meters in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, as well as 50 meters in butterfly. They must also have demonstrated competence in basic drills for all four strokes and are well-versed in race starts. Admission into this class is a testament to their dedication and talent, and is done so by coaches recommendation.