Do you want to know a little more about Maltese football? Keep reading this article to learn more. 

Football in Malta is run by the Malta Football Association and was introduced to Malta during British rule in the mid-19th century. The sport at the time was new to England, and was used as a means of entertainment for the soldiers stationed in Malta at the various barracks around Malta at the time. In 1863 a football association was formed which governed rules and regulations for this quickly changing sport, which was still in amateur competition stage and played in an un-scheduled format until 1909 when a league format was introduced.

The national football league in Malta is the Maltese Premier League, which consists of 14 teams. The season starts in August and ends in May. But this is not all, there are also other important competitions such as the Maltese Cup and the Maltese Super Cup.

The Maltese Premier League has gained prominence in recent years, as has its quality of play and, of course, the presence of fans in the stadiums. In addition, the league has been a gateway for Maltese players to European football, with a number of athletes having managed to transfer to bigger clubs on the continent. The reigning champion is Hanrum.

The Malta Cup is a sporting event that began in 1935, when the Malta Football Association (FAM) decided to organize a national football competition. At the time, football was still an emerging sport in the country, but the FAM wanted to give local players the opportunity to compete at the national level and showcase their talent.

Since then, the Malta Cup has become a prominent annual event in the country’s sporting calendar. 

The Malta Super Cup is a football competition held annually in Malta. Played between the champions of the Maltese Premier League and the winners of the previous season’s Malta Cup.

The competition takes place in a single game, and the winner is considered the champion of the Malta Super Cup.

The champions of the Maltese Premier League participate in the first knockout stage of the Champions League. In this phase, teams are divided into groups of four to decide who advances to the next phase.


La Valeta FC

La Valeta Football Club, founded in 1943, is based in the city of Valletta, the capital of Malta, and is one of the most successful teams in the country. They have won 26 titles in the Maltese Premier League, the most important football competition in the country, and have won the Maltese Cup 14 times.

Hibernians FC

Founded in 1922, Hibernians Football Club is based in Paola, Malta. And he has already won 12 Premier League titles in Malta, in addition to 8 Malta Cup titles and 9 Maltese Super Cups. The club has also been successful in international competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League.

Birkirkara FC

Birkirkara Football Club was founded in 1950 in the town of the same name. Throughout its history it has won 4 Maltese Premier League titles, 4 Malta Cup titles and 3 Maltese Super Cups.

Floriana FC

The oldest team in Malta is Floriana FC founded in 1894. Their first name was Floriana Young Stars and they played their first matches on a field in the Argotti neighborhood of Floriana. In its early days, the team was mainly made up of local and British players

In 1905, the club changed its name to Floriana FC and settled in a new stadium, the Argotti Ground and won its first football championship in Malta in 1910.

Sliema Wanderers FC

In 1909, Sliema Wanderers FC was founded. The club won the Maltese Premier League 26 times, the Malta Cup 21 times and the Malta Super Cup 2 times. OMG!

Sliema Wanderers FC were the first Maltese club to represent Malta in a European competition, the 1959–1960 Champions League, where they reached the second round. Since then, the club has regularly participated in European competitions such as the Europa League and the Champions League.