In this article we are going to talk about the facilities, present and history of this club.

Msida St. Joseph FC is the ideal football ground for booking a 5 A-Side or 7 A-Side in central Malta. This club is situated just round the corner from Junior College in Msida and features a 7 A-Side football pitch where the beautiful game can be played on a highly maintained artificial turf surface, ideal for a kick around with friends or training session with your football team

If you are planning on traveling by car, this pitch is easily accessible and there is ample parking situated just outside the pitch.  If on the other hand you prefer to travel by public transport, this location is easily accessible by bus with the nearest stop being ‘Kullegg’. 

Here is the pitch, Book Now!

If a one-off game isn’t enough, then why not take advantage of the block booking option at Msida St. 

The origins of football in Msida stretch back to, at least, 1908. As far as we could ascertain the first team to be founded in the district was Msida United. This team played its maiden game on November 7, 1908 against the Lyceum FT, losing heavily by four goals to nil. Msida United continued to play the occasional game of friendly football up to March 1910 when they took part in the Junior Cup competition organised by the MFA. As luck would have it, Msida United were drawn against another team from Msida in the semi-finals. St Joseph’s United had just been founded when the two rivals met at Rinella Football Ground on March 10, 1910. Msida United won a hard-fought game 2–1. In the final however, Msida United lost 1–0 to Sliema United. In 1910, the National Football Ground was opened in Pietà. Huge crowds filled this venue, no matter which teams were playing. 

St Joseph’s made their debut in the league on October 13, 1910 against the Boys Empire League. The Saints had a good start, winning an interesting game by three goals to two. Then, in their next match they had a walkover against the University FT. With four points under their belt, the team from Msida entered the ground for the game against Sliema Wanderers in defiant mood. Things however did not go as expected for them. When, midway through the second half, the Wanderers took a 2–1 lead, angry spectators invaded the pitch and the game was abandoned. Sliema were awarded the points and St Joseph’s refused to honour their last fixture against Floriana.

They resorted to kicking and rough play but this did not prevent St George’s from winning by three goals to nil. After this game, St Joseph’s United packed up their boots and they were never seen again at the Mile End.