Siggiewi Fc is a club from Malta, below we are going to see its history and its facilities.

If you’re looking to book an 11 A-Side, 7 A-Side or 5 A-Side pitch in west Malta or looking to play on a football pitch with a beautiful view, Siggiewi FC ground is the pitch for you. Siggiewi FC ground features a beautiful artificial turf surface, often used for professional and amateur competitive football. The pitch’s powerful floodlights mean that you can happily play during the day and at night.  

If you prefer to travel by car, this ground is easily accessible by car with lots of available parking in the parking area just outside the ground itself. Public transport is also a great way to get to the pitch with the nearest stop being ‘Armonija’.

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The first football team in Siggiewi was formed in 1945 by a group of amateurs, who used to play casual football in a field at TaKandja. Reggie Pace, Ninu Mallia and Freddie Curmi were the main promoters of the game. Mr Emilio Camilleri, who had settled in the village during the war period and was an influential person within the circles of the Malta Football Association, helped the team to be admitted in the third division of the Maltese Football League for the 1946–1947 season.

The team continued to play in the Third Division for many years until, in 1970–1971, they won one of the sections of the Third Division for the first time and were promoted to the Second Division. They won the Third Division again in 1973–74 and 1989–90. In the 1996–97 season, Siggiewi FC were promoted for the first time to the First Division, the second tier of the Maltese football league system. Siġġiewi plied their trade in the First Division for just two seasons, as they reverted to the lower divisions after 1998–99, where they have remained ever since. Siġġiewi is also the mother club of its nursery, the Siġġiewi Football Club Youth Nursery. The youth nursery, caters for children aged between 5 and 16 years, was established in 1992 and is affiliated with the Malta Youth Football Association. The youth nursery participates in the under-15 league organised by the Malta Youth FA.