SportsBooking’s new website has finally launched! Check out this video and read all about it!


The Team has been working tirelessly to relaunched our brand new website with a host of new functions and features, all aimed at making your experience that much better while booking your next sports activity!

Our new features include:

  1. Brand New Design and Flow, greatly improving user experience!
  2. Brand New Filter System allowing you to filter through the sports facilities you want at a particular date, time, and location!
  3. Brand New Events Page with all the upcoming events for different sports activities!
  4. Brand New News Page ensuring you are up to date with all the latest sports news in Malta and around the world!
  5. Brand New Clubs totalling over 20 clubs from Malta and Gozo to Book from!
  6. Brand New Partners!
  7. Brand New eSports Page!
  8. Brand New Internal Pages displaying new information and photos!

SportsBooking was founded just over a year ago as a small scale initiative and since then has truly taken off! We pride ourselves in bringing brand new technology and innovation into the sports industry, something which we felt was severely lacking. has since become Malta’s No.1 online booking platform for sports facilities and activities in Malta and Gozo, with over 25 partners believing in us and entrusting us with promoting and improving their administration and online presence.

We knew how difficult it was to find available facilities and therefore our new platform is designed to greatly simplify the booking process of sports facilities and events and to make it easier for you to find, book, and play! Click here to use our filter system!